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Hi all,
I have an HDD in an external Enclosure, it shows up in device manager yet I cannot access it at all.
I have gone to My Computer, Manage, and Disk Management, yet it does not show up in there at all, only my actual computers HDD shows up, so I cannot even allocate the external a new drive letter or anything.

Anyone have any ideas what the problem is? Both the xp computer and the windows 7 computer recognise it when plugged in, both show it in the Device Manager, yet in Disk Management nothing exists.
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  1. The HDD used to be the boot drive for the PC until it went wrong and stopped booting. I don't want to reformat it as I need the info from it.

    If I put it in the externall HDD enclosure it comes up on Device Manager but does not show up in Disk Management.

    If I put it as the secondary HDD Internally, it shows up in device manager, it also shows up in Disk Management, but when I click to initialise it says it cannot due to an I/O device error
  2. I think you are out of luck.
  3. Ok, I have the time to write the full details now.

    My wifes HDD came up with the boot disk error, she has data she did not want to lose so we did not want to reformat.

    We hooked up the HDD internally as a second HDD, however as far as the system was concerned it did not exist (though you can hear it running)

    We placed it in an external HDD enclosure and hooked it up via USB. Again, the computer did not even register that the HDD was connected. (No New Hardware Detected message).

    In the HDD enclosure, the red light for the HDD would come on but stay on permenantly (it is supposed to flicker)

    I took it down to the local store who kindly had a look for free, he also got the impression that the HDD running sounded healthy and said it could well be the control board. He said there is a chance we can buy the same model HDD and replace the control board (or logic board, whatever you wish to call it) and it may allow it to work.

    I found the same model HDD (Seagate Barracuda, 7200.11, I can't remember the exact model name and numbers but they are both the same). I checked to make sure the new HDD worked - it did, both in the external HDD enclosure and as a second HDD.

    I took of the logic board from the old HDD and new HDD and switched them round. When either is placed in the external HDD enclosure they both show up correctly in Device Manager and claim to work properly. However, in Disk Management, neither show up so I cannot try assign a drive letter to them.

    When I plug either of them in as a second HDD internally, the Bios recognises them, they both show up on the Device Manager and they both show up on Disk Manager, however they have to be initialised. When I try to Initialise it tells me that there is an I/O device error. (I am a bit hazy on this due to trying so many times, I THINK I tried both and had the same issue but confess I only know for sure I tried the old HDD with the new logic board, it may well be that the new HDD with old logic board was not recognised - which would make more sense, it seems odd to me that the old board on old HDD would not seem to exist at all, yet the old board on the new board would be vaguely recognised)

    I went back into the Bios and saw that while the PC recognised the HDD, the details of it said there was 0 capacity.

    After thinking this may be a bust, I realsied that the new HDD I bought, while being identical in near every way, actually had one difference - its firmware was different. Does this mean I would have to replace the Bios chip from the old logic board onto the new logic board in order for the old HDD with the new board to recognise it all correctly? This is something I am not so confident in doing, but might it work? If so i have no issue getting someone to do it
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