Gigabyte US2H and UD2H difference

This is more an observation than a question...

Recently i wanted to purchase a MA78GM-UD2H. the vendor had US2H instead.
search on gigabyte website did not reveal any difference. all features were same !
A query to gigabyte folks did not get a meaningful response either.
Its only when i got one in my hand and tried checking out components (solid caps) that i realised that the US2H has the solid jap caps only on CPU VRM.
(compare the pics of both models side by side and only then you will realise this)

wondering why they make such varieties of mobos with such identical features but with difference in component quality ? both are rated for 140W CPU.
i guess the all solid caps model would cost them a couple of dollars more to make (at the volumes they buy). would it not be better to have single model costing 2 more dollars ?

For an average user who uses a decent cabinet not having much thermal issues and who uses the PC for say 4-5 Yrs, how much of a difference does it make ?

Just a comment for people out there who might still be having the question i had before...

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  1. Quote:
    wondering why they make such varieties of mobos with such identical features

    Because they are NUTS! The last time I checked their support site, I believe I found one hundred and twenty five socket 775 motherboards alone!! If you wonder why you fail to get anything approaching decent technical support for these things, ponder the logistics of trying to support over two hundred 'niche' products - this syndrome is one of the main reasons GM badly needed to go through bankruptcy - and they still kept GMC as a division, which still offers exact, precise duplicates of Chevrolet products. The overall problem is that companies are run by 'money shufflers' with degrees in economics (an functionally 'empty' subject if ever there was one!) and MBAs from Harvard, rather than engineers who actually know how to make a product! The only ones who appear to understand this principle are the Japanese, and that's why, with one fifth of the number of dealerships per percentage point of market share, Honda and Toyota have consistently kicked General Motor's ass for two or three decades running...
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