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I have AT&T internet service via a phone line, I want to hook a LINKSYS wireless router so my daughter can use her laptop in her bed room. I ran a dsl wire to the Westell moden and a wire from the black Westell moden box that has 5 lights to the input of the LINKSYS and used one of the 4 ports to go to my pc. It worked for a while and now it doesn't work on my pc or the laptop. HEPL
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  1. Hi

    Could you give the model# of the Westell modem. I use AT&T to, I recenlty went to the 2Wire since it was free (promotion) scrapped my 5100 Speedstream & Motorola router.
  2. What do you mean it doesn't work?

    No internet access?
    Cannot access the network (router) at all?
    Have you tried plugging the wire directly from the modem into a computer to make sure that is still working?
  3. One more thing, try disabling your firewall and see if you can connect to the internet, this includes Windows firewall, forgot about that.
  4. With my Westell when I had ATT it would occasionally lose the login info. I would have to plug my PC into the modem directly, then open a web browser, and it brings you to the modem login page. After logging in, I would be able to plug the router back in and get everyone else online. Hope that helps.
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