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Im new to computer building and a few months ago i built a comp for gaming. Since doing so i have developed the crack addiction of constantly trying to get the best parts. My question is if i replace the motherboard, processor and RAM on my comp are the chances really that low of it not booting? Ive done it with one of my friends computers and it worked but ive heard people say you shouldnt. Also if i do a fresh install to windows 7 64bit when it comes out will it delete absolutely everything on my computer including drivers and such? cause i wouldnt mind if it did since i would be installing new drivers anyway. Also i realize i might as well start fresh with a new system but im just wondering how this would work also it would save me some money on windows 7 by just being able to buy the upgrade.

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  1. Huh? So long as you follow the New build won't boot checklist you won't encounter any problems—unless there's something wrong with one or more of your components.

    Windows 7 can only upgrade from Vista, though I suggest you start with a clean slate.
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