Intel Cpu Stock Fan Will Not Fit On Properly

The INTEL cpu stock fan wont fit on properly. So my cpu is having MAJOR temperature problems. In the BIOS it is showing 98C Idle temp. I keep re-trying to put the fan on properly but it wont budge. The Intel fan has 4 legs that fit through holes in my mobo, 2 of the pins in the legs do not go through. Trust me Ive tried many time with mobo out and in but I still cant get it in. I'm worried Im gona crack or break my mobo if I push harder.

(This is my first time building comp)

My Cpu is an Intel E8500 btw.

Does any1 have any ideas on what I should do?


(Side Message)

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  1. Contrary to Intel's instructions, the best time to install the CPU and heatsink is before you install the motherboard in the case. That way, it's easier to see if the heatsink is installed correctly.

    I suspect that you have two of the pushpins already pushed in so they do not fit the mounting holes.

    Remove the heatsink. Orient all four pins so the slots on the top of the pins point toward the heatsink body. Turn it over. You should not see a black center pin between the halves of the clear pin. Place the heatsink over the 4 holes. Now simply press the pins in until you hear a click. The screw slots on the top of the pins are only for removing the heatsink.

    You will need new thermal compound - you shouldn't reuse the old.
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