Overclocked chip now pc wont turn on

I overclocked my processor, all was working fine then when I tried to run a game, it shut off and wont turn on anymore. Any advise? Tried clearing bios with removing battery and using jumper.
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  1. any advise is greatly appreciated. I get a little life when I press the power button. Some life then nothing. Press again and nothing. IF i turn the main PSU off then on, then press the power again, i get the same pattern. Fried mobo, or fried chip?

    This patter happens with old and new ram installed.

    Guidance is greatly appreciated.
  2. Ok LOL to all the people that will read this, well I just cleared the cmos setting again and then low and behold it turns on!!! but now there was smoke coming from the motherboard. SOooooo I am sure the mobo is fried.

    Still any thought or what wrong procedure would cause this. Is it just trial and error?
  3. Sounds like you overvolted and fried the motherboard. If you list your system specs as well as exactly what you did when you OCed, we might be able to diagnose where you went wrong. Right now it's just guesswork. But yeah, it would appear you toasted the motherboard.
  4. That's why we write guides - so you do not need to reinvent the wheel.
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