Western digital hdd password

In a toshiba satalite, when booting it asks for a hdd password.
I cannot change the password or remove it under the bios menu wth out knowing the password. The password was never set nor is it the default "xx".
The toshiba boots up fine with diffrent sata hdd.
I installed the WD sata hdd into my thinkpad and it asks for "master password" to boot from hdd.
Tried installing a new os and windows will not install on the hdd.
Kill disk via external usb cable gives and error code.
I tried rebuilding the MBR, with no success.
I found a boot cd from google the had a hdd "nuke"

western digital 320GB
WD Scorpio Blue
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  1. did you connect is a external usb drive? tried formatting it? try changing firmware?
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