Nvidia Making CPUs????

Expect CPU Revisions in the Future Ladies and Gentlemen:)

This should be interesting to see what could come out in terms of Motherboard to maybe benefit the CPU and Video card?
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  1. ballz to the wallz
  2. I hope don't do renaming or repackaging for them CPUs in the future.
  3. So far it looks like it's mainly an Atom competitor, idk how Nvidia is going to get x86 licensing though. Chances are that they'll end up scrapping the whole thing over legal issues.
  4. Well I believe Intel already did, I beleive they remade the Q9550s lol So they beat Nvidia at the game, but that doesn't mean Nvidia won't out do em:D
  5. I smell a super duper overclock version of the G92b with software to emulate the x86 instructions via cuda,hey thats just me.
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