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At my work we currently use all HP Workstations. The issue I am having is that it seems the second core of the Core 2 Duo cpus is not available for use. In the task manager there is no second core and no option to show a second core. However in the Device Manager both cores are showing. I had a system admin try running cpu-z on one of the workstations and it showed up as only having 1 core. The strange thing is that it seems to be affecting multiple models.

Currently I am using an HP Compaq DC 7900 SFF workstation with a Core 2 Duo E7400 that is not showing a second core. Some older workstations are running E6550 as not showing the second core, and some even older workstations are running E6300s and are showing the second core.

All of the workstations are running Windows XP Sp2, some of the pcs have been rebuilt recently and I suspect that it may be a Windows XP Issue. I checked in the bios to ensure that multiprocessors are enabled and they are.

For more info:
Processor Stepping: 0001067A 00000A07
System Bios is: 786G1 V01.11
ME Firmware Version
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  1. That is odd. We are in the same general environment (all HP) as you and I've never noticed the issue you are seeing on them. However I do not have any of the DC7900's. (only have 7700's and XW4600's, been holding back on non-critical purchases this year).

    Check the BIOS, I know there is a multicore option on at least some of the stations, it could be the support is disabled in the BIOS for some reason?
  2. It's not disabled in the BIOS. I found a solution however and hopefully it will be applied to PCs over SMS sometime soon. In case anyone was interested the solution is to get a Microsoft program called devcon that allows device manager to be controlled via command line and then to run the following commands:

    devcon setwid @ROOT\ACPI_HAL\0000 := +acpiapic_mp !acpiapic_up
    devcon update C:\windows\inf\hal.inf acpiapic_mp
  3. I suspect it is from using a image from a single core machine instead of doining individual installs on each machine.
  4. Yeah the standard build came from a single core machine. Now to go through the change management process to get a dual core build made I guess :/
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