For Microsoft FSX -Phenom II X4 955 or Core i7 920 and why?

Guys (and gals too) which CPU would run Microsoft Flight Simulator X better and why?
I am thinking about building a new system for FSX and since FSX is about the best optimized example of a quad core (and more) PC Game (simulator) which CPU would be the best choice?
This is not a flame thread folks.
I don't think that it's cost effective for me to use the faster Core i7's.
Although with ease as pocket change I could buy a $1,000 + CPU I don't want one.Besides you don't get rich by blowing money on too many frivolous items.
On another note I wish Tom's Hardware would update their CPU charts and include FSX as a benchmark since FSX is highly CPU dependent.
I am not interested in video encoding,photoshop other games or simulations for which CPU just ONLY FSX.So again my question is Phenom II X4 955 or Core i7 920 for FSX?Thank you.
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  1. i7, without a doubt. FSX is one of the few games that can truly load as many cores as you throw at it, and is heavily CPU limited.
  2. Thank you for your opinion cjl and anyone else too on your opinions.
    I just saw this thread at sim-outhouse.I don't know if it's true that FSX can use the extra threads on Core i7 but it seems so.It looks like this guy has quite the large overclock on his Core i7 920.
  3. same choice and same reason as CJL
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