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im getting really poor frame rates on 3dmark and a rubbish score of about 4500 for the graphics on vantage. This card in other peoples systems is scoring 12000+. My system is - core 2 quad 9450, 2x2gb ocz ddr3 1333Mhz, gigabyte ga-ep45t-ud3p mobo, gigabyte 9600gt, 2x160GB seagate barracuda 10 (raid 1), 800w Hi-Power PSU, vista 32.

i have all the right power connectors hooked up - 2x4 mobo 12v power, 24 pin main power, 6 pin PCI-E power.

the card seems to run quite hot in the case but i havent got an actual temp reading from it. i have the latest drivers installed from nvidia website. tried the card in both slots. The only thing i did notice is that 3dmark recognised my ram speed as 400Mhz but it shows 1333 in bios.

Any ideas?

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  1. it is 400mhz ram 3 channels of 400 mhz i believe. why did you get a 9600GT with that sysyem ddr3 ram. if your not a gamer it doesnt matter but your running 3dmark so i guess you are. But i have no clue why your only getting 4500, i wouldnt worry about it too much to be honest.
  2. Get a better GPU.... your config. is much better than the GPU..
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