how to repair the graphics
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  1. Need more info than that.
  2. First, disable the graphics in the graphic driver manager. Next, open the device manger and change the graphics to 42. Then go to the video card manufacturers website and download the "display adapter resolution and visual display driver" This is a big download and can take all night. After that its a simple matter of reinitializing the dilithium crystals underneath the harddrive so that it can spin at 88MPH.

    If you can't give us ANY details, your going to get BS answers like that. If you don't speak english, find someone who does to help you.
  3. Wow that was the answer to a question like that? got to remember that.
  4. Best I could come up with. I'll try better next time.
  5. Bit of an open question...???? Why does the graphics need repairing, what is wrong with the graphics????? Model and Spec info.
  6. Thats why I said more info on my first response.
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