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How much performance would you lose if you installed a game on a secondary drive. I have a ssd and i was thinking of installing older games (like WOW) that are not as intensive on my F3 spinpoint since its huge (1TB) to save space on my ssd. I know the ssd will obvoiusly load WOW faster than the spinpoint but with the Cataclysm coming out it will take up 20gb. I can live with the spinpoint performance for WOW but will windows 7 have issues running a game thats not on the same harddrive as it?


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  1. there shouldn't be any issues, other than just the fact that the HD is not as fast as the SSD. But I have games installed on a different partition with win 7, and all on HD, no SSD, and there's no really bad issues.
  2. It depends on the game and when/how much it accesses the drive. Most games load up as much stuff into RAM as possible when you start them, then rarely or never access the drive. In that case, moving the game to an HDD means it will start slower, but probably run just as fast once it's loaded.

    I've heard that multiplayer online games may access the drive randomly during gameplay as events initiated by other characters occur. If that's true you could see some more stuttering at those times if you move the game to the HDD.
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