Unusually hot E5200 in what seems like it should be a very cool setup

When I built my first HTPC recently, I decided to go with a regular case over a HTPC case with a cool setup in mind in case I got bored and felt like overclocking for entertainments sake now and then (my HTPC is also my only desktop.) In spite of this, I feel like my Intel E5200 is running rather hot considering the way I have everything set up and the components I'm using.

After installing my new Xigmatek S1283 I'm getting temps around 37-39 degrees with only Everest running, and up to mid 40s after watching video in VMC with a few torrents downloading in Vuze. I guess its not that big a deal, but I'm switching to a tighter HTPC case (Antec Fusion Max) this week, and was wondering if there's any reason anyone could think of for these temps. Here's my rig:

Antec Three Hundred w/ stock 120mm rear exhaust and 140mm top exhaust fans running at low speed
1x120mm Scythe GentleTyphoon intake in the upper, front fan slot
1x80mm Thermaltake exhaust ghetto-rigged to the side fan slot (I picked it up for $1.77 at RadioShack and thought "what the hell")
Xigmatek S1283 with stock fan re-attached today with Arctic Silver 5 (I know over the next 200h I might drop a few degrees as it sets)
eVGA 730i Mobo using onboard GeForce 9300 GPU via HDMI
1x Samsung Spinpoint 1TB drive - in top slot of lower drive bay
1x Hitachi Deskstar 7k 1TB drive - in bottom slot of lower drive bay
2x2GB Patriot Extreme RAM
Corsair 400W PSU

And that's it, I don't even have a separate video card in there right now (though I'm adding a passively cooled Radeon 4670 soon) and for the most part the case is pretty empty. My cable management seems like it couldn't be any cleaner, with almost everything in the Three Hundred's cable bay area, and what isn't cleanly ziptied along the edges. The GentleTyphoon isn't especially powerful, but it throws a little extra air into the case and is not obstructed in any way since the hard drives are in the lower bay.

From the reading I've done, I've gathered that these temps would be a little high even with everything stock, so I can't imagine why I'm getting them with the extras I've added, namely the CPU cooler. I'll up a picture of the inside of my case in a bit; any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. What is your ambient tempature? if your ambient temp is higher then your cpu temp is going to be higher as well.

    Also FYI those temps aren't bad. Just insure the load temps dont go above 75. If you stress it and aren't satisfied with your temps, you can always attempt to re-apply the thermal paste, and if you really want to go all the way with this you could consider lapping your cpu and heatsink.
  2. Those temps sounds normal. Your Xigmatek isn't so much a factor on idle or with light loads and really only comes into play when your fully loading both cores.
    I use an e5200 w/ stock Intel HSF on a G31 chipset mobo and it's OC'd to 3.3 GHz (12.5 multiplier on 266 bus). But my temps are 35, 36 idle on 55 to 61 on full load, say after 15 minutes of Crysis and FC2 and Prime 95.

    Check your CPU fan speed. Does it throttle up on high loads? If you have a BIOS setting for CPU fan profile, try and disable it and see see if the CPU fan RPMs go higher on idle and that should help to bring it the temps down slightly.

    If you want to know if your case airflow is helping or hurting your temps, records your temps on various loads. Then remove the side panel and leave it out and place a desk fan to blow into the motherboard. If that cools your temps, significantly then your case airflow is building up heat and needs readjusting.
  3. Temp is normal
  4. Set the fan is always on in the bios if not already done.
    Calibrate your temperatures. I recommend RealTemp for temperatures.

    Core i7 and Core 2 Temperature Guide - by CompuTronix

  5. There are difference in temperatures from one program to the other depending on Tjunction max interpretation of 100º or 95º. Intel has not specified it.
    RealTemp uses 100º and Coretemp uses 95º.
  6. Thanks everyone for the responses, you've put me at ease! Its not really that I was worried about current temps, rather potential problems when switching to a case with much lower airflow. Before I do that I also wanted to test out the E5200's overclocking abilities as well, and didn't want to risk doing any damage.

    I can't believe it didn't occur to me that I may have been comparing my CPU temps to people with lower ambient temps, its actually been really warm here lately. I think thats really it, since its seems the consensus is that things are normal, and I have my CPU fan running at full speed.

    Going to try for a modest overclock now, thanks again!
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