Keyboard and mouse stop working after video card is put in?

I just built my first computer. I have an 8600GT that was given to me as a gift.

I'm still waiting on a monitor to be delivered to me that has a DVI port but I wanted to make sure that the card wasn't damaged in the mail so I hooked it up to my TV via the s-video port.

It booted up fine and when the bios menu came up both my USB keyboard and USB mouse were working, then suddenly they just stopped. Windows then loaded and I was unable to use my Keyboard or my mouse.

I took the 8600GT card out and I could use my keyboard and mouse again perfectly fine. So my question is, why the heck is this happening? And can I fix it?
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  1. assuming you didnt install a video driver your problem is almost certainly an IRQ conflict . Very unusual .

    Your options are to manually reassign the IRQ of the USB bus controller . Your motherboard manual may help


    buy a PS2 keyboard and mouse
  2. Or an easier option. Unplug the USB's then plug em back in. (same issue happens to me occasionally)
  3. this is not all that unusual happens to me several times a week and then won't happen for a long time,I think that it is a bios mobo thing sometimes,, like IH8U says just unplug and replug,but,,sometimes a hard reset is the fix,that's when a boot floppy comes in real handy...:)
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