New card/psu for an old pc

Hello i built my computer a few years back.

ASUS A8N-SLI Premium 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI mobo

AMD Sempron 3500+ 939 socket cpu

1 gig of ram

BFG GeForce 7600 GT OC gpu

I just bought a 22in monitor a week ago, then my psu died today. I figured if i am buying a new psu i might as well get a new gpu too. I was wondering if i should go with the 4830 or the 4670? Will i be able to notice a boost in fps becaues my cpu is so old? And i would like to be able to hook my comp up to a 50inch tv and watch hd movies on it. Also i found some good deals on newegg for a psu.

I know corsair is a better brand but is will 400wats be enough to power everything? Then both come out to be the same price at the end.

Any help on what to get would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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  1. The Corsair will have plenty of power. You CPU will be a bottle-neck, but I'd go for the 4830. If you're comfortable with OCing, see if you can get a little extra out of the CPU.
  2. I would get that corsair psu. As for the graphic card i would get the 4670 because the 4830 would be bottlenecked by the cpu.
  3. i oced my cpu to 2.5ghz
  4. What about HD4750(40nm version)? Have you checked it?
    CoolerMaster PSU's are also good to be prefer....
  5. +1 4670.
  6. if you ment 4850 i have checked it out. im just trying to be real cheap right now and save money for a new build this summer. so this more or less to hold me off until then. thats why i was wondering if the extra 20 bucks for the 4830 was worth it or not. i just got my cpu oced at 2.6 and its running good now. so with that speed would it be any better? or would it still just bottle neck it down?
  7. If you are planning a new rig I suggest this psu for expandability in the future and the 4830 and then put them both in your new rig.
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