My PC Case Issue.

Hey there everyone, my name is readyman and I am a new user to this particular forum, I have been using previous posts/threads that users have dicussed here as one of my main references to some of my issues, so I am not necessarily new to the site itself :)

But, I have an issue here, that maybe someone can assist me in :)

I am currently and slowly builing a PC that will be used for high end gaming and multi-task oriented material, the type of machine that is very affordable yet can run tasks that require good graphics RAM and CPU's to run(Crysis/PC for example), yet I need this to be very affordable as well.

I am looking at different products via and I have made my mind up on a few that I want.

For my GFX Card I have 100% made my mind up on this here -

I am extremely happy with that card due to the 448 Bit interface and 216 Processing cores w/ 898 MB of VRAM, so this issues is solved, and this will be my card.


I had looked at some MoBo's and found this one here,

I have pretty much made my mind up this as well, becuase of the SLI and 16 GB DDR 2 1066 Supports, the fact that my old 8 GB of DDR2 800 will still fit instantly, which will save a lot of money on memory, and the price makes it very well worth it.


This is where my main issue comes into play.

The Case.

I have looked at over 500 cases, and I have found some that I like. But the thing is I want a very nice and small. I need the smallest case that is affordable that is for ATX MoBo's.

That is my issue...

Can anyone direct me to a case thats is very compact and small in size that is ATX MoBo supoorted?

I would really appreciate this a hell of a lot :D:D


The bonus for me too :D

If anyone finds one that is small that includes a 450 Watt PSU or greater that is under 130.00 USD, this would be GREAT!!!! =D=D=D
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  1. For a case, I can strongly suggest the Antec 300. Small but great cooling.

    Mobo: The P45 chipset does NOT support SLI, only crossfire.

    PSU: Check out the Corsair HX520? Anything around that power by Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, Seasonic and the newer Antec PSUs

    hope you like this small case. Not sure if you meant small as in mobile small.

    It is mATX however.

    Smallest ATX case I could find. Of course its more of a frame than a case. But I dont know if you want walls. For ma a case is anything that holds components in place...
  4. The Antec Skeleton is not a small case. It says mini-tower, but it's more like two mini-towers stacked on their sides.
    The Thermaltake Lanbox is only for mATX, A.K.A. Micro ATX, which only has four expansion slots. The OP is clearly looking at a standard 7-slot ATX MoBo.

    I would suggest looking at ATX mid-towers. The old standard for many people is the Antec 300, though there are others.

    The smallest I found was the Cooler Master Elite 360, which is an ATX mini-tower; but because the power supply is moved to the front of the case (there's a cable extending to the front with a connection to the back for an external power cord) then you will have space issues trying to fit that huge GFX card with a decent-sized PSU. Oddly enough, the version of this that comes with a 350w PSU is classified by Newegg as a mid-tower. But mid-tower is where you want to be.

    If you still want a relatively compact, then this oddball might be an option. But it only has room for one hard drive and one optical drive. It's cheap, and pretty good looking in mine and other people's opinions, but some say the quality isn't there (though there are people on both sides of the fence regarding it's quality).

    One I like is the Raidmax Smilodon, because it has a fold-out motherboard tray. But in general, most ATX mid-towers will be about this size.

    I don't know what kind of system you had before, but if you had one of those name-brand towers from Dell or HP etc, those are mostly micro-ATX, so mid-towers will generally be quite a bit larger than that, by about, say anywhere from 4-6" in depth and height, and maybe an additional 1-3" in width depending on the case.

    But if you want something that is functional, reasonably priced, and good quality, with proven performance, and not too flashy, you need look no further than the 888 glowing 5-egg reviews about the Antec 300. It's popular for a reason.
  5. The Antec 300 mid-tower ATX case is very popular and a standard size ATX motherboard and psu fit inside the case. The smaller micro-tower cases are designed for micro-ATX motherboards which are smaller.

    You have a more important issue with your choice of motherboard and video card. The motherboard was designed for ATI Crossfire. The video card is Nvidia SLI. If you really want that motherboard, then I suggest you take a look at the brand new ATI Radeon HD 4770 video cards. They do particularly well in dual CrossFire mode and are quite a value. Here's a link to the Toms hardware article about the card in dual CrossFire mode:,2288.html

    Here a link to newegg's 4770 web page listing currently available cards:

    Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, Seasonic and Antec all offer high quality power supplies.
  6. lol. Johnny, your answer is exactly the same as mine but more in-depth.

    The perils of using the forums at work I'm afraid.
  7. @ JohnnyLucky -

    Well, thanks for those links above, but I am not going to buy ATI cards, I will just search for a new MoBo that is around that price that is SLI ready nd not only Crossfire.

    And to all the other posters here,-

    thanks for all the advice some of these cases look very nice and everything, so I will look into them more, and if anyone has any more suggestions, please tell me :D
  8. mi1ez - I am at work. Everything is quiet and under control right now.
  9. IMO, do not go used, open box, or recertified. you never know what can happen.
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