AMD Pushing for 32nm by 2010

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  1. Ummm, interesting...
  2. Wow, that's long in the pipeline...
  3. Fairly aggressive timetable at Malta. It's interesting they are doing site prep as we type today with the official 'ground-breaking' scheduled for July.

    I'll give Dirk (and maybe even Hector :o ) credit for pulling this off and delivering over the last year or so. If Fusion rolls the 1H-2010 (even if slightly neutered with Intel instruction sets) as the economy recovers AMD may actually make some $$$ and gain some more market share.

    Who supplies the bulk of AMD/GF equipment?

    You also gotta wonder about the 'back-end' of all this. TSMC moves forward on SOI, 40nm --->28nm and high-k gates. TEL buys into ASM. Intel buys into ASM and buddy-ups to TSMC with SoCs.

    No wonder these guys are always in court.
  4. wait, shouldn't that be 28nm? or is that later?
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