Light Athlon II X4 635 Overclock, stock cooler

I was wondering, what settings are needed to get a 635 to 3.1-3.2 GHz on stock air? Or if it is possible, would the cpu be running hot enough to cause damage or anything bad.

(I've got a MSi 870A-G54, 2GB DDR3 Crucial ram, and a Sapphire 4650)

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  1. Quote:
    would the cpu be running hot enough to cause damage or anything bad.

    What are your ambient temps in general as well as your current temps at idle and full load ? Max temperature according to amd is 71c:
    You do not want to see your cpu temp get up much more than 62c !

    If you do not have any system monitoring software you can use something like HWMonitor or OCCT. Let us know what your current max. temp is first.
  2. My case temp seems to be hovering around 26C, and CPU at idle is 30-31C. When running Prime95 (100% load for about 10 mins) it hit 62C, however the highest temp it sees during normal use is about 45-50C when I play battlefield bad company 2 (low settings) or G-Mod (high settings) when the graphics card is maxed and the CPU doesn't really breach 55% on average over all 4 cores.

  3. So at 100% load it's as hot as you want to let it get right now! I understand what your getting at by 40-50c and 55% usage under normal use, but if it were to get stuck in any kind loop it could shoot to 100% with out you noticing...

    With that said, if they're not already, see if you can get your timings and voltage manually set for your memory according to manufacturers specs! And familiarize yourself with the cell menu of your bios. (page 3-18 of your manual)

    I have to run right now, but if you can get your memory set we give you some suggestions to get you to 3.1,3.2


    p.s. nice MB ! too bad we can't get into at least a 212+ or better... ;)
  4. I double checked the memory ( settings, everything is as it should be. I can change (i think) all memory options if need be. Also I have full control of all voltages, HT clock speed (currently set at 200MHz), NB clock speed, and SB clock speed. Everything is set to stock specs right now.

    IF I were to buy a better cooler, what would be the best LOW COST cooler that could get me to 3.2 or maybe 3.4 without having to watch temps.


    (It has gone into a loop before, I restarted the comp :D )
  5. Yes, if you can swing it, a GOOD, low cost cooler would be well worth it if you want to overclock!
    What case do you have ? Main thing is how much room you have for an A/M cooler! The larger 120mm type would be the best as they can do a much better job at a lower,quieter speed. Need to find out how much room you have. If you have enough room, the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ at 30-$35 is hands down the best cooler you can get for the money! Fellow member saint19 has put together a nice guide for installation as well as some great support Here
  6. Sorry for the long reply time. I have a Raidmax Smilodon, it's fairly large but not massive.

    I don't think that I'm gonna buy a cooler right now, but if I were going to buy one (most likely th +212) what settings should I adjust first? And if I were shooting for a 3.2 or 3.4 GHz clock, what would they be around?

  7. I suggest you follow the guide. I think your motherboard has an ACC function too, so you might have cache you could unlock.

    You are aiming for a FSB of 220-240 Mhz which isn't too ambitious.
  8. Quote:
    I don't think that I'm gonna buy a cooler right now, but if I were going to buy one (most likely th +212) what settings should I adjust first? And if I were shooting for a 3.2 or 3.4 GHz clock, what would they be around?

    Don't do it, take your hands off the keyboard and back awaay from the bios. :??: Seriously though, your not able to complete a stability test at stock because of heat. If you were to push it further and overheat it once, you may not have the same chip you once had! If it's a healthy chip, you might be able to achieve twice the oc your looking for now with a "good" cooler.

    Nice case, wish I had it to work with. Your case itself should fit a 120mm cooler, but you'd want to pay attention to the fan in the side panel as IT might come in contact with the top of a big cooler. Always want to get the tape out and measure everything before you buy.

    Your stock 635 isn't holding you back in the least ! If this your gaming rig, I would look at your 4650 like you want to fry IT! Maybe you could get a little more out of your 4650 using thee Auto-Tune in ATI's Overdrive...or run it by the gang over in Graphics Cards.

    Maybe down the road instead of a cooler you could try and save toward a better gpu for your games. ;)
  9. The 635 has completed a stability test fine (I did some prime95 to see how it would go). I don't want to fry the 4650 (think possible htpc build later, maybe a x2 250). I'm hoping to get a 5830 for Christmas (seems a long ways away right now). So if I were to OC the 4650 how much (if any) gain would I knowtice? It's got a fan cooler with a baby shroud around the fan ( I haven't read much on OCing GPUs, only a bit on CPUs so if you think that the OCed GPU is the way to go then maybe I'll start a new thread in the graphics section.

    I just wanted to see if I could get any knowticable performance gains with the stuff I've got.

  10. A 5830 would be a huge improvement, so much so you'd forget about ocing your proc. (well, at least for awhile :) )

    If you have plans for your 4650 I personally wouldn't push it either, I'd save any life it has for your next build.
  11. Thanks for all the help guys!

  12. for amd 635, down volt it to 1.325 power....the stock 1.36v is too much! I even oc @ 3.4ghz with 1.325 stable!! u'll see temperatures drop there.
  13. Stock voltage is 1.4v not 1.36v (just wanted to clear that up)

    You are proposing that I under volt it and then raise the ref. clock to the 225-235 area (3.2-3.4)? :??:

    Are you running a stock cooler on your under volted oc?

    I was curious so I under volted it to 1.325v and at idle it ran 1-2 °C cooler (29-30 °C) and on a 15 min prime95 run it ran (on average) 8 °C cooler (53-54 °C, peak of 55.5 °C) than when (stock) volted at 1.4. Could there be any ill affects from doing this? I would assume that it would be better. :D


    (I'm using AMD Overdrive to adjust CPU voltages and do temps. BTW it wont allow me to adjust the ref. clock)
  14. There is no downside to undervolting as long as the system is still stable.
  15. Yes, the under volted amd 635 @ 3.4ghz doesn't have any effects. heck i even using my pc for a month now with a 3d rendering software a lot which is using 100% usage of cpu all the time. it's perfectly stable!!!
    However, i'm using a coolermaster hyper-tx3 cpu cooler. Run much better than stock coz i'm thinking of pushing the cpu @ 100% all the time.

    stock cooler: 37c idle, 47c gaming, 61c max (100% usage, and that makes me wanna buy a cheap aftermarket cooler)

    hyper tx-3 cooler: 31c idle, 41c gaming, 46c max for a 100% usage (even for a half day rendering the temp wont go up!!!!!!!)

    My suggestion if u wanna go oc, get an aftermarket cooler.
    The coolermaster hyper tx-3 are really damn cheap!! $ 29 only.
    Here it is;
  16. Damn i just check out the hyper 212+ plus cpu cooler are now the same price as my tx-3!!!

    the hyper 212+ is better than my tx-3.

    Just for information:
    3dmark 06 cpu score @ 2.9ghz (stock) = 4000
    3dmark 06 cpu score @ 3.4ghz (oc) = 4600
  17. New egg prices are always changing massively on Coolmaster stuff the TX3 has been well below $20 and the 212+ has been $49.99 recently
  18. I under volted it down to 1.325 and raised the FSB to 214 (3.1 GHz).

    My idle temps are about 32-33 °C (few °C hotter than stock) and under full load it is around 51-53°C (15 mins prime95) and peaking at 53.5 °C

    strangely enough at 100% load it ran cooler OC'ed than not when under volted (51.5-52.5 OC'ed vs 53-54 non-OC) :na:

    one big problem though, while i can change the fsb in the BIOS i cant seem to make the voltage stay low (i set it as 1.335v but when I check it in CPU-Z and Overdrive it shows 1.4v), so i change the voltage in AMD Overdrive, but i cant adjust the fsb in overdrive... The BIOS is flashed to the latest version.... so either it runs stable at 1.26v b/c CPU-z doesn't read the lower voltage from the bios and i lowered it in overdrive ( 1.4(stock) - .075(bios) - .065(overdrive) = 1.26 ) or i have a problem/miss-understanding in the bios. :whistle:

  19. (BTW my stock 100% load temps are at 61-62°C)
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