Overlclocking the Athlon II X4 620 (for noobs)

Overclocking AMD Athlon II X4 620.

Hi guys. I tried overclocking my FSB to 225 to get a 2.925GHz speed.

I am very much an amateur at this so I didn't change anything else. Booting up worked but after a certain number of minutes I get the disk dump booting memory blue screen error thing. I assume this is something to do with a RAM, so I used the RAM clock speed at a lower value (333mhz, it is 400mhz usually, I know it's very low). After this happened, it worked fine for a few weeks, now though every now and again I get the same errors when playing games sometimes.

Basically what I'm asking is what other settings to I need to change to keep everything else stable? At the moment I have changed back to stock speeds. I need to know what I'm supposed to do since I'm a beginner with overclocking.


On a side question: My computer's screen has been blacking out every now and again while playing games, the sound is still there, my graphics card rarely goes above 70 degrees on full load, and even then it's not by much. Anyway these black outs have been happening on some less graphically demanding games too. I hear the Radeon HD 5750 has quite a few problems with Windows 64-bit, as I got several people with the same problem when doing a search. I have just installed the latest drivers, but not yet tested whether that has fixed the problem, which yes I know makes this kind of useless. If you know anything else I should do instead I thought I may as well tell you this problem.

Thanks a lot.
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  1. Anybody? Come on, I'm sure at least half the people on this board are able to add something to this and I've had 16 views :/
  2. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers :)
  3. Quote:

    I'm pretty sure the Multiplier is locked to 13x on my CPU.
  4. Quote:
    i had this cpu a while back with an none overclockable motherboard and could do everything and play arma 2 with an ati hd4670 1gb on high settings 1440x900 resolution
    what do u use ur rig for?

    Yeah it's not bad but I wouldn't mind a bit of extra performance, I use it for gaming 1080*1920.

    Only thing I've encountered I can't run and almost highest settings is metro 2033 that's mainly due to my graphics card bottlenecking before my processor (Radeon HD 5750 overclocked to 5770 level)
  5. learn how to overclock.

    you have done something very stupid. you could easily have damaged your system. put the fsb back to 200, read some guides, and THEN start moving the fsb in increments. stress testing and adding voltage where needed.

    but seriously, you cant just go in and start raising values. its stuff like that that breaks PCs. and why overclocking shouldn't be done by someone without a clue.
  6. Why would I have damaged it when the temperatures were exactly the same?

    Also I'm certainly not buying a new processor. I'm fine with what I have but just wondering how I can squeeze some extra power out of it.
  7. Stop writing in capitals for christ's sake.

    It's a slow 400MHz 2 X 2GB DDR2 RAM

    Timings are 5-5-5-18 I believe.
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