Replacing motherboard on hp pavilion a736n

I am considering buying a new motherboard to put in my older hp case. However, the motherboard I want to buy (a Biostar TA790GXB) is ATX size, 12.0" by 8.8", and my current one (a K8S-LA or Salmon motherboard) is a micro-ATX 9.6" by 9.6". I have searched through manuals and postings and done everything I can think of short of opening up the computer to find out if I can fit this. Does anyone know how I can find out if this motherboard will fit or suggest any other considerations (power?, other case, etc related issues?)
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  1. If your old micro atx board takes up the whole space in your case, then you're out of luck. I would transfer your old stuff over to a new case such as the antec 300, which sells for $49.99 shipped at fry', last time I checked. The antec is well designed and the power supply sits on the bottom for better heat transfer. Or, you can search for a micro atx board. You may have to replace your old hp power supply if you're upgrading your video card. And if your windows copy is proprietary to the hp motherboard, then you'll need a regular windows cd or dvd to reload your old windows files. I bought a dell oem windows dvd for around $16 at a software vender, and after formatting and reinstalling windows, used the old coa sticker number to reactivate windows.
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