CPU temps stuck, random BSOD's

I just managed to get my rig working after 3 weeks (bad stick of ram). I remove one stick and I get no errors during memtest86+ so I installed windows XP and it worked, BSOD's so far. Right after I do that I go out and buy a GTX 275 (to replace my 8800GT), Crysis, and a new flatscreen monitor. I uninstall the old 8800GT drivers and install the new ones. Then I start installing crysis and a BSOD quickyl flashes and the computer restarts. Im thinking my cpu is overheating (stock heatsink might have been mounted wrong) so I download realtemp and coretemp and both report the following temps: 39 30 23 30

I was very surprised that one sensor would be 39 and the other would be 23 so the sensor is probably broken? I try another install of crysis and it works. After about an hour into playing I exit the game and check CPU temps. Still the exact same temperatures even after an hour of crysis. This morning I tried loading crysis and got to the main menu when I get a BSOD and my computer restarts.

What should I do? Is my CPU (or other component) overheating?

Here are my specs:

Q9400 @ stock speeds
OCZ 4GB ram (using 1 stick out of the 2)
Gigabyte EP43-UD3L mobo
Corsair TX 750W PSU
Antec nine hundred
SATA DVD burner
Windows XP home 32bit
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  1. Try using a different temperature monitor. Check in the BIOS if they change.

    Your CPU isn't overheating at the temps you listed (but as we said, the temps may not be reliable). One core could be hotter due to windows utilising cores differently or a mis-fitted cooler among other things.
  2. If you have one dodgy stick of RAM already. chances are (assuming they were a matched pair) the other is not too healthy either... and faulty RAM will produce plenty of BSODS at opportune moments!

    I would say i was unlikely to be a CPU overheating issue! Try looking for a memory tester you can burn onto a CD and boot from and test the RAM!
  3. Yeah I doubt its a CPU heat issue because if my computer can play crysis for 1 hour no problem, but then BSOD 30 seconds after bootup, then theres no way it could be overheating. I know that core temps are supposed to vary by 5-7*C but by 16*C????? I did a bit of research and heard that some 45nm quads have sensors that only work when the CPU is under load or when the temps are over 50*C.

    I also checked the BIOS and it reports 28-32*C
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