Need help seting up Prime 95

I am sorry to ask such a noob question, but I am having trouble understanding this. I read about it but dont follow it. The directions didnt match the version I have. I am running a quad core (description is in my profile), so I have 4 instances set up each for a seperate core. This part I figured out. But when it comes to the workers I am unsure. The version I have is 64 bit v2511

Please correct me if I am wrong:
Here is what I am thinking:

For the first instance of P95

Under TEST/WORKER WINDOWS - Number of worker windows to (I select 1)
- Priority (I left at 1)
- Then set worker #1 to affinity of cpu #1

For the second instance of P95 - number of worker windows (2)
- Priority (1)
- Worker #2 - affinity cpu #2

Then setting up the torture test I selected In-place large FFT's. I ran memtest last night again for ha ha's so I dont think I need to test much here.

Please someone tell me if I am on the right page with this so to speak. I will need to master this before starting my over clocking lessons which is what I built this system for. Right now I am working on undervolting, from an article I found here at Toms. I am playing around with some voltage changes. I currently have the cpu at 1.1750v (this is the Phenom II x4 955BE c3 in case you didnt read it in my profile yet). (I see now someone else got down to1.085v) I did adjust others as well. All voltages in the BIOS have numeric values. None are on auto). So far my bench test consisted of running Modern Warfare 2 with no problems. ( I ran the same board for the same amount of time each time. The cores werent maxed butall were being used pretty equally) I am only drawing 98.70 watts on the cpu now vs the normal 111.3 watts. and temps have dropped by 10 degrees celsius. So my next step would be to run Prime 95 for many hours before trying a lower voltage. In the article they werent successful, but they also had cool n quiet on. I have it off

I know once I start overclocking I will have to up the voltages a bit, but I am also at a lower starting point. This is for educational purposes. Anyone can just copy what others have done, but do they REALLY learn from it? Or do they just brag about it?

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  1. Prime 95 should stress all cores with no intervention required. Just run it.
  2. From what I read, it doesnt do quad cores in 1 instance. So 4 are necessary. But then again, that could have been the way with older versions and the same text was just pasted to the newer one when it came out
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    Yeah, just run it and you should be good. It will automatically detect how many cores you have and will create 4 workers.

    You mean you're running 4 separate programs?
  4. Yah, thas what the directions said. Guess thats further proof one should always start a project by first THROWING OUT the directions. But I tried it that way and ran it for 4 hours, so I guess being undervolted still gives it plenty of power. I also tried 2 settings below it, the second being mentioned above. I didnt stress with P95 but Modern Warfare2 ran the same.
    Thanks for your help. I know it was kind of a dumb question, but I dont follow high tech programs like that.
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