DVD/CD DRIVE not reading/recongized???

I just got computer back and running from it being fried a two days ago. I had to change the power supply.

Anyway, I try to install a game and the disc is not reading in fact none of the cds and dvds I tried were working.

I go into My Computer (vista) to see if the cd/dvd drives were there (I have two). They are there, but they keep asking for discs to read. I go into my Device Manager and the computer says theres two CD drives, but they both have the same generic names... (It should say the name of the drive atleast, right? Like the brand?).

First, I thought it was a broken so I changed it, but still no luck. I've tried to uninstall the drives in the Device Manager and reboot, but it was still not working. I've tried uninstalling and disconnecting the drives and thats when I saw that the computer is not even recongizing my drives in the first place, but my computer still says I have two cd drives and so does device manager....

I have no idea whats wrong... I don't even have internet at the moment for my home computer. I'm going to change the IDE cable later when I get out, but I'm really stumped if that doesn't work...

I hope you guys can help me, thanks!
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  1. First, delete the upper and lower filters.

    If that doesn't fix it, run this Fixit scan.
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