Antec 902 and GTX 285 and CM V8

Hello, does a GTX 285 card and CM V8 heatsink fits into an Antec 902 casing without any problems?

pls reply - urgent
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  1. Quote:
    No problem at all check out my pictures

    Incorrect, sir. You have the Antec 900, the 902 is slightly different (I've owned both)

    Since it has 8 expansion slots, not 7, the motherboard tray is raised higher up in the case. I had to modify my side-panel slightly since the CM V8 is so tall, it conflicts with the "lip" of the panel.

    Not a huge deal, but you cannot close the case completely (bottom thumb screw only) without doing so.

    Otherwise, your video card will fit fine - I have a GTX 275 which is the same length and it fits with a little room to spare as long as you remove the internal fan mount (really easy).

    Thanks much,

  2. so how did you mod the side panel?
  3. I just cut out about an inch long section of that lip on the side panel - the part that guides the panel to the case. Really you don't even need to do that, the case mostly closes with just the bottom thumb screw in (closing most of the way at the top). I'm just a little OCD so I cut it.
  4. do i need to remove the 2 thumb screws on both side of the casing to take out the dust filter? thats mean i have to open both side panels?
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