What's causing freezes?

I'm having a problem with my computer.
My computer shutts down automatically when playing games.
I tried all software upgrades, drivers, windows update, malware/virus/adaware cleaning, reinstall windows clean HDD etc etc.
So i think it's a hardware problem, but before spending a lot of cash I would like some confirmation.
A computerstore nearby already checked it and they didn't found anything.
Stressed the whole thing with 3Dmark nothing happened.
But when I play games like COD 4,5 Dead Space it turns off after a different amount of time.
It then restarts and restarts until i take the power off, when I switch it on again it works just fine.
I had several BSOD when these things happen like: driver irql not less or equal, PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA,GRAPHICS_DRIVER_FAULT
So my conclusion was it is a heat problem.
Now before i thought of this I already checked my RAM with memtest86+ and it gave 1 error, but most of the time the computer still shutted down.
Then I started to check the manufacturers site to find out which RAM is compatible with my motherboard and turns out, the RAM in my system wasn't compatible.
By then I had already bought my 2nd set of the same RAM, unfortunately.
I saw a test report on the MSI Neo3-FR website which said the KVR800D2N5 RAM would work http://www.msi.com/uploads/test_report/TR10_1611.pdf.
But the Kingston site says something else, it should be KVR800D2N6 RAM
What I am wondering is can this difference in memory cause my problems? So I can safely buy nem GOOD RAM without throwing away money again.
Or could it be my Graphics card?
The temps of my GC won't rise above the 65 degrees celsius and i have to mention something else!
My MB get's kinda hot next to my RAM.
http://images.icecat.biz/img/norm/high/1596339-2585. Where it says N1996 exactly, it can burn my finger to give an indication.

My System:
MB: MSI P45 Neo3-FR
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
RAM: Kingston KVR800D2N5K2⁄4G
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
GC:Sapphire HD4850 512MB
HDD:Samsung 640GB HD642JJ
Windows XP pro
PSU: I have a Spire PSU http://www.spirecoolers.com/main/product_d....asp?ProdID=697
(maybe this PSU is the problem?)

BTW: i'm not overclocking

I hope I gave you guys enough info.

Thank you in advance!
Michiel Tammeling

Sorry for my (probably) bad english... I'm from the Netherlands
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  1. Download and install the latest video driver here.


    In BIOS, you might try bumping up the voltage to the RAM. Set the timings and speed to RAM manufacturer specifications too.
  2. http://www.valueram.com/datasheets/KVR800D2N5K2_4G.pdf

    should i use the singele power supply or just power voltage?
  3. BIOS will default the voltage to 1.8v which is the requirement to properly power the DIMMs. I would try 1.9v because you mentioned errors running memtest. Make sure the CAS LAT is 5. Also set the speed to 800MHz in BIOS. Not sure what you mean about single power supply/power voltage. Also, you are getting a system stop error due to a driver. Try loading the latest video driver for the Radeon 4850 from the site I linked.
  4. This was the result after using RTHDRIBL for 20 minutes. Activity of the GPU was constantly 97/96%.
    Can I say from this that it's no the GPU that's faulty?

  5. http://img78.imageshack.us/img78/4764/rthdribl2z.jpg
    this is the right link couldn edit the one before
  6. http://img78.imageshack.us/img78/4764/rthdribl2z.jpg
    this is the right link couldn edit the one before
  7. Load up the latest driver from the link I provided. For one thing the vC's fan speed is 1%, that's not right.

    The stop error and BSOD is a result of a driver gone bad. It's obvious the Radeon 4850 needs Catalyst 9.4 from the ATI link I provided.

    If memtest shows errors, your system will be unstable and subject to system crash and Blue Screen.
  8. I already donwloaded the catalyst 9.4 driver.
    The printscreen was also made after installing this driver.
  9. Quote:
    I had several BSOD when these things happen like: driver irql not less or equal, PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA,GRAPHICS_DRIVER_FAULT

    This messageis specifically a driver causing the OS to stop. Try MSI website product page and download and install the MB's latest system drivers. If you system ever ran properly without stop errors, put the hardware back in that configuration. Remove any hardware like RAM you may have installed after the system became unstable. The RAM errors memtest is giving is a sure sgn of instability. Try adding a bit of voltage. And the VC's fan is apparently not working. Is the video card fan spinning?
  10. well i'll try to put up the voltage
    but as you can see on the printscreen the fan speed percentages were on 40%, @ the catalyst control center and GPU-Z sensort tab. And indeed the fan is working. So I think the fan speed 1 RPM indication is maybe for a 2nd fan on a video card?
  11. I had a tip from someone else who says that he has had the same problem. Games that were freezing etc. He said that replacing his HDD solved the problem.
    Although I doubt if that can be the cause from freezes while testing with memtest86?
  12. Enable BSOD display and get error information from there.
    1. Right click 'My Computer'. Select 'Properties'.

    2. Select the 'Advanced' tab.

    3. Click the 'Settings' button in 'Startup and Recovery' section.

    4. A new window will open. Under 'System failure', un tick 'automatically restart'.

    This will prevent the computer from automatically rebooting. However, it wont cure the error. Instead it will display a blue screen containing error code. In the blue screen look for something similar to STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005,0x805E0097,0xF02A17D4,0x00000000) <--Error code has similar format to this

    Then write down the BSOD codes and look them up.
  13. Yeah well, I already mentioned a few errors which a had. Unfortunately the logs are gone and I can't show you the debug info. Maybe if I can copy it from an earlier post of mine. But lately it's just freeze, freezing sound, computer turns of and restarts, restarts, restarts. (sometimes when windows is loading, somtimes when it's done booting, just random) and I am already creating an "acronis true image" copy of my entire HDD and putting it on my external HDD. See if anything happens when I'm playing from my external HDD. But thanks for the HDtune link. I will try it as soon as possible!
  14. Just ran memtest86+ passed the tests 4 times withouth errors. HDTune checked it, but no errors on my HDD. I will try to put in a Geforce 8500 GT tomorrow morning and see if it will last longer than half an hour.
  15. Quote:
    Where it says N1996 exactly, it can burn my finger to give an indication.

    Nothing 'should' be so hot so cannot hold your finger against it. Try getting air flow direct onto that area.
    What is the northbridge voltage in bios?

    Also, what are the specs of your PSU - in particular the amperage on the 12v rail(s).
    Also, try only one stick of memory and get system stable then add more sticks.
  16. Well i repositioned my VC a little bit it was not totally right fitted. It could fit perfectly with the motherboard out of the case but when it was in the case and I put the VD in the little plastic clips which you need to clip on to your PCI(e) cards were a little bit in the way. So the left side of the VC was not entirely fitted in the slot. But with a lot of pushing it's better now. And I have played GTA IV for about an hour and a half and my temp was 45/46 degrees C. When normally it would be at 55 after 8 min. I hope this is it. But I need more testing first.
  17. Well the only Voltages I found in the BIOS were the CPU-V-Core, 3.3, 5 and 12 volt. 3.3, 5 and 12( in Dual Core Center 9,95?) were all good. V-core was about 1,25. (In Dual Core Center 1,10)
    If that's not it, There's is a MCH voltage? That is about 2,35 volt
    I already tried with one stick of RAM for a long time though and it passed the memtest86+ 4 times without errors.
    I have an spire 550 watt, i know it's kinda crappy.
  18. Turned out to be the PSU.
    I bought an Antec True Power New 750 watt.
    Haven't got any problems for 2 weeks now.
    Thank you very much voor all your reply's
    Topic can be closed if necessary.

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