Help how liquid water cooling works ?

Please can you help am new to all this liquid water cooling i want to go for this for my overclocked intel i7 930
rather then a air cooling fan but I want to no how this liquid water cooling works ? I mean do I have to fill water in it ? and how often ? or do i just fill water in it once ?
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  1. This should get you started...please read every word, and as much on every link you can. Knowledge is power, my friend.
  2. Yeah... you have a LOT of learning to do my friend. Watercooling is not something for beginners. It takes a lot of planning, you need to know some basic thermodynamics or at least be able to read graphs to know what sort of rads you want with what fans based on air flow rates and noise levels if that's an issue, need to know what sort of pressure drop you might expect in order to pick out a pump. Then you have tubin sizes, fiting sizes, threads and clamps and all sorts of goodies.

    Good luck! There's plenty of info out there.
  3. Dont do it, your not qualified. I see many leaks in your future, and may ruined parts. The do need refilled, and they do require maintenance.

    If you want liquid cooling but a H50, and if you like it, upgrade to custom water after you learn tons more.
  4. I REALLY hope this person decides to soak up as much information as possible. I hate people trying to make uninformed purchasing decisions when there are hundreds or thousands of dollars of hardware at stake.
  5. oh no!!! I didn't do any research and bought a liquid cooling system...... D= I was concerned about putting water in my case to begin with, *sigh* more googling tonight...
    Edit: I am an idiot D,=
  6. Wow...that really added relevance to this thread.
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