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OK Guys/Gals I could use some Help,

I have two desktops and I have quick books pro installed on my wife's computer, she takes care of all of the receipts/payments.
I do all the estimates and invoices. Every time I need to do my work, I have to wait until she is done using here computer. Since she does allot of other work on her comp, it has become inconvenient to wait for her to finish her work, So I can do mine.

I was thinking of an external hard drive that I can plug each comp into it, but all the ones I have found only has one output-sata or usb. Then I thought I could find one that would hook into my wireless router and network it together that way, but there is no ext hd that has a Ethernet output.

The only other thing I can think of is a NAS network storage from newegg

Anyone have any other ideas or options?
If so could you please drop a link to your suggested recommendation?

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  1. If you want access to a shared resource (e.g. files) then you can either enable file sharing on one computer and access the files from another, or you buy a NAS as you suggested.

    Personally I have been using a NAS for 5 years now and am really happy. I use it to store all my data so if I need to rebuild a computer it's not a probem because the PC does not hold anything important.

    Do you want to be able to work on Quickbooks while your wife is using the software too ?
    I'm not sure if you can edit the same database at the same time.
  2. I dont need to work in quick books at the same time as she is, But we do need to be able to install the quick books programs on the nas, then I would create a shortcut on each computer, This way no matter what work she does or I do the program is always up to date
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    That makes it easy then.

    The options you have are:

    #1 Use Windows file sharing

    - Enable file sharing on your wife's PC
    - Install the same version of Quickbooks on your PC
    - When running Quickbooks for the first time on your PC it will ask whether to create a new database or use an existing one
    - Point Quickbooks at the database on your wife's PC

    #2 Use a NAS

    - Install Quickbooks on your PC
    - Copy the database onto the NAS from your wife's PC to the NAS
    - Point both Quickbooks installations to use the database on the NAS
    - Rename the database on your wife's PC to make sure you are both using the one on the NAS

    Option 1 is the cheapest as you don't need to buy anything
    Option 2 I would highly recommend it as it is a great way of storing all your stuff in one place. Just depends if money is an issue

    If you go for a NAS make sure to pick one that has RAID5 capability. That way if a disk in the NAS dies you don't lose the data, you simply replace the dud disk.
  4. That sounds like a good idea, the comps are already networked together,
    I Think I 'll try that, As long as the work I do on my comp saves in her comp in her quick books, So no matter what comp opens quick books it has all the same saved info

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