Phenom II x2 555 c3 overclock

hey i want to know what the phenom IIx2 555 overclocks are. mine ran stable prime 95 16x250 fsb for 24 hours on a biostar TA890FXE an i only uped the voltage .05 from stock. i hit and loaded 4.2 and it does 3dmark06 but will not pass prime95 after 4 or 5 mins.
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  1. 4.0 ghz ram at 1666 ,7 8 7 21 timmings from 1600, 8 8 8 24 timmings 1600mhz
  2. You have a Black Edition CPU, no need to crank up the FSB, just raise the multiplier, if you got 4.2Ghz stable running 06 then you got lucky =)
  3. i know i can raise with the multiplier. thats the easy noob way :). the fsb overclock gives you the best performance due to the ram going faster.

    I am runnings a solid stable 24/7 overclock of 4.08 ghz with my ram @ 1700 ghz 7 8 7 21 timmings ( 1600 8 8 8 24 )

    i just droped the ram to 1333 mhz so when the fsb hit 255 the ram is overclocked to 1700mhz.

    i tried all kind of settings and i like this overclock the best.
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