I think i broke my pc

okay so today my new pc arrived in all its bits. here are the stats

asus crossfire 4 mobo
corsair dominator ram 1600 amd 4gb ram
amd phenom 2 1055t cpu
silverpower 600watt psu
hitahci deskstar hdd
some cd drive
4870 1gb gainward
venom akasa cpu cooler

anyways i was trying to overclock my cpu
so i got it to 4ghz not stable
then went to change voltages from stock
and in teh bios it seems i was tring to set the voltage to 1.4 to see if that would work
but i messed it up beacuse i managed to get it to 1.7v
saved it rebooted it beeps then says overvoltage
so i turned it off booted into bios reset to defaults booted up it works ran cpu id core temp 16c temp idle and 21c load then ran prime 95 seems to work but will i have damaged the cpu or is it in my head that it loads slow. anyway afer it was working i tried the turbo v programme and auto clocked it to 3.6 or something it said was stable so i ran a game and it worked then i rebotted then it loaded up bios and said overclock failed twice then on the third time it reset to original factory by its self and it seems to take ages to boot like 1 min i have vista 64 bit i dont nkow if it was faster cuz i tinkered with it staight away any thanks for your help
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  1. The BSOD may have just messed with windows, you could try a clean install.

    My guess if it said overvoltage, it didn't apply it.

    We are talking a 45NM CPU, Factory voltage is what for 3.6? If it did apply that 1.7Vcore it may have damaged it but in that case may need more voltage for 3.6ghz now but nothing TERRIBLE YET.

    People have put 1.9Vcore into 32NM chips and had them live to see another day.

    If anything is loading slow in that PC its the HDD. Whats the speed on it 5400 or 7200? Either way its slow.
  2. 7200 ye :) phew what a relief am gonna try the voltages of 1.45v and bclk at 286 apparently thats a stable setting for 4ghz with the ram at 1560 mhz or so what ya reckon ? thnks
  3. AMD chip @ 1.45VCore sounds fantastic, however i would not push it over 1.49Vcore.

    Try benching your CPU in 3DMark vantage or something, that should give you a 100% accurate reading if you damaged it or not.
    You can find similar results online to compare to, but don't compare to nvidia because they have Physx.
  4. cool beans :) so is it possible than the voltage i set previous at 1.7 when it booted bios it didnt load the 1.7v because it was too high ?
  5. If it beeped, i wanna say yes because thats the system speaker saying something is wrong and it probably just reset the BIOS.
  6. What were your prime95 readings @whatever you ran them at?
  7. ye it definelty beeped i had to manualy jump into bios i checked the voltage and a massive facepalm insued then i reseted to defaults and went to try the auto tune option which wasnt too stable and overclokin failed durin bios boot so it is now back to stock im determined to overclock XD
  8. http://files.extremeoverclocking.com/file.php?f=36

    Download that and tell me your times at 1Mb
  9. @ 1MB i got 11 seconds on mine @ 4.0ghz.
  10. @2.8 atm it took 13 secs to do 1m is that good ye
  11. Yes your CPU is FINE.
  12. whoooop cool beans
  13. thankx
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