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Hello Guys,

Realy need help here guys.

How do I identify what Xeon CPU I have? My company gave a way a ton of hardware to all its employs. I picked up a pair of Xeons but the heatsink has bin scraped from all the markings. I only know it’s a Socket 771 and somebody wroth on em 3.2 so I asume it is a 3.2 Ghz Xeon. And on the lower end on the board it self there are a few numbers I still can read which say 2L515909 / b0205 or 80205 on the other CPU it sais 2L539826 / A0361.

Any idea what the specs are for this CPU or how I can find out with out a mobo?

Regards DocBrown
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  1. Hi

    Download this tool and run it: Intel Processor Identification Utility
  2. As I already wroth. Witout a mobo = mainboard. Sins I don’t have one :(
  3. If the CPU is out of the computer Google the numbers on the chip. If you don't get anywhere there then you're out of luck.
  4. from what I can see, you either have a couple of pentium 4 xeons or top end Core 2 Quad Xeons.
  5. Hi guys.

    I made a few pictures of em. hope that helps to pinpoint it down.

    and thnx for the answers so far.

  6. nobody knows ??
  7. ^ it's 771.
  8. nop, it will not. i have a 775 board and thy dont fit. the nobs on my q6600 quadcore are on the left side from top to bottom. If you look at the picture the nobs are both on top left and right. so no thy will not fit. and i was considering buying a 771 board but i aslo would need bufferd memory and the cheapest board from tyan is like 250 bucks which i am not willing to spend just to find out if thy are xeon quads :(
  9. Just so ya know, those are Core 2 Quad Xeons they are either E5300 or E5400 series. I have a Supermicro board with 2 E5472 Xeons in them and they look identical to those featured above. I also have a system with 2.33 Xeons in them and another one with 2.83 Xeons of the 5300 and 5400 series respectively and from what I can tell I believe them to be 5400 series but I'm not positive on that.
  10. docbrown said:
    Hi guys.

    I made a few pictures of em. hope that helps to pinpoint it down.

    and thnx for the answers so far.

    There are normally a set of little etched markings in the top of the heatspreader that give the clock speed, cache size, bus speed, and the model ID (S-spec, such as SLACR or SL82V..) You would need to get some solvent like 91% isopropyl alcohol or toluene to remove the thermal compound to see that/

    I am about 99% sure that it is a 3.20 GHz Xeon 5060 "Dempsey," judging by the pen markings ("Dem 3.20") on the chip. It is the Xeon equivalent of the Pentium D 940 and is a few years old, which would make sense as to why they are giving it away.
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