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My friend just bought a PC. Everything plugs in, turns on. The Bios Thing pops up, but nothing works. He tries to boot in safe mode, but nothing works. He gets the no signal message after the bios screen. It's confusing... I had another friend that bought the same exact PC. He took out his memory and it fired right up.

What's the problem?
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  1. I don't understand. He took out the memory and everything worked fine? How is that possible?

    Do you have a bootable CD? Can you try booting up with it?

    In any case, what PC are you talking about in the first place? Model? Specs? etc.
  2. no signal means your monitor is not connected to your computer or has switched to an incompatible mode.

    you can not take the memory out and have your machine boot unless it has a small chunk of built in memory.
  3. He has two sticks. He took one out.
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