PC boots to credential input page, s not responsive to the mouse or keyboard, th

I have a pc that will boot as normal, though very slowly, until the point where credentials need to be entered. It will not respond to the mouse or keyboard and very quickly switches to a moving windows screen saver where it stays and will not respond to any user interaction via hardware. The mouse and keyboard both work, the PC will boot to safe mode/set-up and responds to keyboard then. I have swapped the screen over to be sure that this is not the issue. Any advice would be welcome, thanks
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  1. Well, most likely thing is that there's a virus or malware that messed up the drivers/services which causes the keyboard/mouse malfunction in normal boot sequence.

    try loading in safe mode with networking, download malware bytes and scan your system while in safe mode

    Free anti-virus: avast, AVG
    Free anti-spyware/anti-malware: malwarebytes, spybot search & destroy

    you also should run CCleaner, it will fix any registry errors, which might resolve the problem:
    Free registry clean-up software:

    Is your keyboard + mouse USB or PS/2?

    If none of the software above fixes the problem you might want to try updating the drivers for the devices.
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