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I have come to the final decision that’s time for new upgrade. I am using my computer purely for gaming, let’s say some kind of PC gaming console.

I have decided to use some older part from my previous system, particularly CPU - Q6600, 2x 500GB WD5000AAKS, card reader 14 in 1 and CD/DVD ROM and DVD writer. Rest must go (3GB DDR2 667, MB Intel G31 Express, no name case, 450Watt PSU – pretty much useless) and my old good 8800GT and 22inch Samsung Syncmaster 226BW (1650x1080) will be put on e-bay soon.

So new system should be looking like:

CPU: q6600 (I will try to OC as far as possible, 3.4 Ghz might be sweet spot to avoid bottleneck)
MB: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
Cooler: Xigmatek HDT-S1283 + Xigmatek Crossbow ACK-I7751
RAM: G.Skill PI Black DIMM Kit PC2-6400U CL-4-4-4-12 (DDR 800)
GPU: XFX Nvidia GTX 295
HDD: 2 x 500GB WD5000AAKS
Case: Coolermaster HAF932
card reader 14 in 1
CD/DVD ROM and DVD writer

PSU: not sure…3 possibilities – 1. Corsair TX750 (good rating, but is it enough?)
2. OCZ 850Watt GameXStream ATX2.2
3. OCZ 800Watt EliteXStream NVIDIA SLI (also nice reviews on both of them)

PSU price difference isn’t that big, few bucks (in my case euro)…what do you recommend ´cause this PSU should be some future proof for next build (mid of 2010???). Now it doesn’t seem to be very smart to trash q6600 and grab i7 when difference in games between oced q6600 and oced i7 920 is from 2% to 10%. I would rather invest to some serious GPU…budget is quite flexible but I don’t want to waste it for things not necessarily needed.

And of course new monitor: 26inch Samsung Syncmaster T260 - 1920x1200

Please comment this build/upgrade. I am expecting your precious opinions coming from other side of the Great Puddle… hardware gurus from UK and AUS/NL are also invited of course… :)

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  1. In gaming more GPU almost always trumps more CPU.
    If you're choosing EP45-UD3P and GTX 295 we know you're not thinking dual GTX 295 (quad GPU) on this motherboard.
    In that case of the 3 PSUs you listed you can go with the least expensive one and have plenty of power.

    How far in the future would your new Core i7 and X-58 motherboard arrive?
    And do you see a 2nd GTX 295 in that future, or a single next gen GPU, or maybe a dual next gen GPU before the Core i7 build?

    Chances are you'll be better off re-selling the Q6600/GTX 295 complete system and using that money for your new Core i7 system. That way you can get a good chunk of this system's cost back and you don't have to worry about choosing the wrong sized PSU.
  2. You might as well downgrade the motherboard to the GA-EP45-UD3R since the motherboard doesn't support SLI.
  3. shortstuff_mt said:
    You might as well downgrade the motherboard to the GA-EP45-UD3R since the motherboard doesn't support SLI.

    And use this Promo for free shipping: EMCLNML39
  4. I know you want to reuse your Q6600...but for a purely gaming PC, an OC'd E8500/8600 can embarrass even the i7's in most games except keep that in mind, maybe you can sell your Q6600 on ebay or something, I dunno.
  5. Thank guys for quick response, really appreciate this...

    To WR2

    When I plan to upgrade for i7 and X58 mobo…that time when there is a need to upgrade. This new build should be with me for some time, when it starts choking like my contemporary system in new games and I will be forced to switch off eye candy not to loose fps than I will go for new upgrade. Question is what CPU will be enough to run that future system. Some of us still have pretty old e7200/7300 but with good mobo they push it heavenly high and their system is ready for 4870x2 or GTX 295 without major bottleneck (when playing at 19x12 or higher).

    New GPU will arrive but when? I suppose that we can await something new in q4 2009 (it means November, December) or q1 2010. There have been some rumors about GT 212 based on new 40 nm technology and 384 shader processors but it doesn’t seem to be very reliable…it is global financial crisis, you can check ATI and Nvidia economic profit in last quarter 2008 and it’s crystal clear that both are struggling. ATI should release some 4995x2 as refresh of 4870x2 that’s all for couple of months ahead, probably till end of 2009. Nevertheless when something new (DX11) arrives in q4 2009 or q1 2010 then and it will be worth to buy it, I will sell my GTX 295 and buy that stuff (some great single GPU card that can wipe out GTX295/4870x2). If my q6600 is bottleneck for this hypothetic future build then I start to consider new CPU and mobo (i7 and X58 or maybe something new that has Intel/AMD already in pipeline). Therefore I assume no sooner as 2/3q 2010 or much more possible end of 2010, maybe even later, depends on the capacity of my q6600 to do good job. GTX 295 is top GPU now and it will be still fine in 12-18 months.

    And no Quad SLI with 2 GTX 295 for me…that’s not the way…issues of all kind and generally not performance worthy.

    Thanks about PSU, I like Corsair but OCZ have also pretty nice reviews and price difference is small. Does somebody of you guys having experience with these types of OCZ PSUs or I should stick with Corsair? Selling this build later on…first I will try to sell my Samsung monitor and GT8800 overhere to see how it is working. I live in Belgium (contemporary), this market is small and not sure if I can sell whole system (pick up on the place) for decent money. Sending this heavy thing to Germany, France or UK would overprice it too much. Maybe it will be much easier for me to cut it into components and sell it separately. That a reason why I am planning to have future proof PSU but maybe you’re right…. who knows, this reflection is very premature.

    to Shortstuff and Xthekidx

    Yes, GA-EP45-UD3R should be better for my hence I will use Nvidia GPU but they don’t have it in the sore where I would like to buy my stuff. I am not buying online cause I have chance to purchase everything without VAT and therefore I need classic “stone” store. I can buy Asus P5Q Pro but this new Gigabyte release should be better and easier for OC with less heat. I am noob in modern OCing, last time I OCed my Pentium 200 with 3dfx Voodoo through jumpers back in 1997 :) But buying Asus P5Q Pro will be a bit cheaper…so which one I should pick?

    No e8500/8600 thanx for advice but if you check this my tread in GPU section you see that difference between q6600 and e8400/8500/8600 is negligible ( )and moreover GTAIV case might not be last one...who knows what is coming…

    Thanx guys a lot for your help and opinions
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