Can't boot from new HDD

This is a bit confusing but I'll try to make it clear as possible. I got a new hard drive, a 1.5tb WD. I formatted and partitioned it and transfered the entirety of my old HDs files to it. My old drive has vista on it and an image of itself before I cleared everything but windows. I can boot from the old drive and the new WD is fully accesible and I can see it has everything oin it.

But if I disconnect the old drive and boot solely from the new one it tells me to insert a windows disk. And if the old drive is in and I try to boot to the new disk, the comp thinks I'm dual booting, I get an error and have to use the old disk. Any idea why I can't boot to the new disk?
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  1. Did you check the BIOS to make sure it's set up as the 1st boot device?
  2. Just transferring files from the old HD to the new one, does not make the new one bootable. If you had used something like Acronis to copy the disk image, that would do it. There are system files that a straight file copy won't get - is that what you did?
  3. I made a disk image with macrium reflect and then restored the image onto the new disk. So that shouldn't be an issue.

    And yes the hdd is set as the primary boot device, but my mobo's bios don't let me select which specific hdd, its just hdd, dick drive, or floppy.
  4. how big is the boot partition? some old versions of windows or bios versions may have an issue with a large boot volume (over 130 gb or so)
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