Q6600 question Gurus advice?

i am not looking to spend alotta money. I want to achieve three things in gaming
1. more FPS
2. faster loading
3. higher mininum FPS

I mainly play GTA4, FPS, and STARCRAFT II.

My current system is

q6600 @ 3.0 (333x9)
zalman 9700 HSF
4gigs of ram OCZ 4-4-4-12
260 GTX 216 896~mb
asus p5n-e sli

I am thinking about getting a used p5k for 50USD and overclocking the CPU to 3.6 (i reside in S.Korea so thus the inflated price)
Is this a good idea? Getting an i5 or i7 is out of my budget. I use my computer mostly for gaming.

On the same note, I feel that my loading time is kinda long mainly because of my FSB. (i want to buy the p5k so I can overclock it to 3.6 (9x400fsb))

I dont have a concrete budget but maybe I could spend up to $200.
But these are some options which I think might help my gaming experience
#1. upgrade the mobo and overclock
#2. buy an SSD ($130 for 32gb i think)
#3. buy an additional 260GTX (but i heard that it might cause problem with my overclock, at least from what i hear)

But I guess the question is, which upgrade will provide me the most "bang" for my dollars?
So umm.. computer gurus.. any good advice?
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  1. Ram fine, hsf fine. proc fine.

    Mobo i don't know. doesn't that one overclocks. suks if it doesn't.

    P5k doesn't support sli, only crossfire. so that sucks.

    in current mobo having one more same gpu would proede you better fps, but you will be bottle necked by only 3ghz.
  2. my max overclock is 3.0 on this piece of crap. Would getting a new mobo and ocing it to 3.6 be a better help as opposed to spending $50+ more dollars on somewhere else?
  3. Getting new mobo would be great.

    I will go with your #1 Choice, smash the second, and correct the third that no it wont mess with your oc if you have good psu.
  4. thnx for the prompt reply. which mobo do you recommend? would a p5k do the trick or do you think i should spend $150 on a mobo with sli capabilities.

    #1. p5k ($50)
    saves me money
    will overclock up to 3.6

    missing sli features

    #2. some other board that can clock up to 3.6 w/ sli (~$150)
    sli ready
    will overclock up to 3.6

    will set me back $150

    My concerns
    -775 socket is obsolete.. why the #$@ would I want to spend $150 on an old ass MOBO
    -boards like asus striker II has SLI... and with my q6600, SLIing my 260 won't bottleneck the CPU

    I guess it goes back to the big question, is SLI worth it?
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    lol obsolete?

    I wont talk much, just that SLI is for long run users.

    By the look s of your budget and preferences, you aren't SLI guy. Get one good gpu, don't think of going sli.
  6. will do, thnx for the input.. will prolly grab a used asus p5k
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  8. oh one last question, how much difference will i see between q6600 @ 3.6 (400x9) and a 3.0 (333x9) in terms of FPS in games? Specifically GTA4
  9. Try it practically.

    roughly afaik 3-5 fps.
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