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Hi, iv never used watercooling but have always wanted too and im looking at this system as a start. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835106077 i plan to use it on a quad core Q6600 do you think it would be ok???

Thanks, Eoin
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  1. big no no with thermaltake water cooling.

    for WC build it yourself, get a custom one which is built into a case or get a compact WC system.
  2. could you sugest somthing with a few links, i really dont know whats good or not, and what should i look for when deciding if its good or not??
  3. Do you already have the Q6600? just curious if this is just a current system or one you are looking at purchasing.

    I second the Thermaltake water cooler, it's a no no. I've not heard to many good things about them,

    First off water cooling is not cheap. My buddies setup cost him $600 for his CPU, northbridge, and video card. That is with all the pumps, hoses, radiators, fans, water blocks. Granted it is elaborate, but keeps things REALLY cool.

    If you are just breaking into water cooler, I'd get a small, self contained unit. The below CoolIt Domino cooler seems to be a BIG hit. Although it really only cools as well as a highend heatsink style cooler. Swiftech is a big name in water cooling, they should have small kits as well.

  4. hey thanks a mil Jay2tall, i really like the look of that system and the price is just right for me too, i have not bought the Q6600 yet, i was going to get it this week?? main reason for geting it is its the cheapest quad core i can find but i hear they are very power hungry and hot so wanted to get the watercooling as my system is very noisy as is, i have to play music and game audio on pritty high to drown it out haha im currently using a E5200 and its slowing my system down

    heres my specs if your curious

    Gigabyte GA-G33M-S2L, G33, S-775, m-ATX,
    GbLAN, DDR2, VGA, PCI-Ex16 2.0

    Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 2,5GHz,
    Socket LGA775, 2MB, 800MHz

    Corsair TWIN2X 6400 DDR2, 4096MB CL5,
    Kit w/two matched CM2X2048-6400 Dimm's
    4g total

    Western Digital Caviar SE16 500GB SATA2
    16MB 7200RPM

    Gainward Radeon HD 3870 GDDR3

    AXP Powersupply ATX 630W SLI,

    Windowsxp SP3 32 bit


    this has just turned into a hobbie of mine over the last few months. i just love building stuff
  5. Dangerden.com should be helpful for you.
  6. wow i just went to buy that system jay2tall suggested and the p&p was $102 lol thats more then the cooling system.
    i live in ireland btw
  7. I would suggest NOT getting the Q6600. It's an old quad core. I would look at the Q8400 which is cheaper, performs better, clocked higher, and sucks less power.



    Just make sure your BIOS is updated to the needed version for this chip. See below for your boards supported CPU list.
  8. Another bad thing about having a complete water cooling setup (CPU, gfx card, northbridge) is that you have pipes cluttering up your case as well.
  9. ^
    That is why you get a LARGE enough case. Full water isn't for everyone.
  10. And if it's cluttered it's the fault of the builder.
  11. ^
    exactly. I've never had the desire to go water because of the maintenance and the lower end self contained models don't really have an advantage over the high end air coolers. So there was never a need. I figure if I need to spend $300+ on a water cooler I could have bought a 2nd video card and run all of my games MUCH better. Extreme overclocking is really a hobby and you REALLY can only squeeze so much performance out of a CPU or GPU. I'm at 4GHZ on my i7 and if I water cooled it I bet I could get 4.2-4.6 out of it. But REALLY what would it give me in performance?
  12. hmm im stating to think i should not bother with water cooling. its seems too expensive to get a system thats better then the fans/heatsinks i already have. i think i just like the idea of it more then anything.

    thanks for all the advice guys, much appriciated and jay2tall i will not be makeing the mistake of getting a Q6600, thanks for the heads up. im currently looking at this quad now https://www.komplett.ie/k/ki.aspx?sku=366000#ProductTabs
  13. ^
    I'd buy the Q8400 over the Q6600. It's sorta it's replacement. But yeah the i7 would be on my list. If not, I'd look into the AMD Phenom II's
  14. ^ it's more about what it's for and what's your budget.

    e.g Workstation - Dual Nehalems
    Midrange Gaming PC - Phenom II
    High-end gaming PC - i7
    Low-end Gaming PC - E5200 or 7750 BE
    Multitasker - Q8400
  15. multi tasker is what im going for but want to be able to play most games on mid graphics if possible, i do abit of audio and video editing and browse the net with 10 or more tabs open at anyone time while useing win media and windows mesenger. starts to get slow if i get anymore running so looking for an upgrade. money is a big issue as im unimpoyed. think the Q8400 is the one for me.
  16. ^
    Honestly your issue is probably related to RAM. Having all of those apps open really hogs your RAM and if it starts using virtual memory then things come to a crawl. My parents friend uses Photoshop on an old P4 and it was HORRIBLE, and he ran out of HD space. I ghosted his current HD from an IDE to a MUCH faster and larger Seagate 7200.11 drive and uped his RAM from 256 to 2GB. MAN he was freakin out it ran so fast. When he batched wedding photo's it took 6 hours, now it's like 2. Just from a simple HD swap and memory upgrade.

    You will use that 4GB of RAM
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