Amd overclocking: What is the PLL used in Biostar GF8100 M2+ SE


I need your help guys..i want to overclock my Athlon 64 X2 5200+ in a Biostar GF8100 M2+ SE mobo through software. The problem is the oc'ng software needs the part # of the PLL used in the mobo and i don't know what is the exact PLL used. I carefully looked at the mobo but i can't find it. BIOS overclocking is impossible because the mobo's oc'ng feature is available only for AM2+ processors and sadly, my processor is AM2 only.

Please help guys... my processor is too underpowered for my HD4870 so i really need to overclock this one so atleast it could give me a few more FPS.

Thanks guys!
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  1. get new.
  2. Fetal said:
    get new.

    Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately i have no budget for it as of now that is why i am searching for a possible way to increase its performace by oc'ng it.
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