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My computer wont recognize the scanner on my printer because it came out before my version of Xp did, so windows suggested i can access my scanner through the paint brush application but the paint brush application is missing on my computer? How do i find paint brush or reinstall the program?
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  1. Umm, I don't understand what the problem is, if your printer came out before XP did then XP should have no problem working with the hardware. It just needs the correct drivers.

    What brand/model is your printer-scanner?

    Chances are you can find the drivers yourself on the manufacturer's support website.
  2. "Hp officejet 6210 all-in-one" I have downloaded the drivers many times from Hp and they never work. I have even had them automatically detect my printer to assign the right drivers. It used to work a month ago but i think i accidently canceled an up date for it while it was deleating old files before it installed the new ones. But my question is how do i get windows paint brush back?
  3. paint brush has been renamed to Paint. reference

    You can access it by going to start > all programs > accessories > Paint

    or via run command by typing in mspaint

    if windows cannot find the program you need to do a repair reinstall of windows

    here's the link to the guide:

    All of that said, I do not recall Paint having the capabilities to work with scanners...
  4. AntiZig said:

    if windows cannot find the program you need to do a repair reinstall of windows

    No you don't, Just go to control panel/add remove programs. Click on add/remove windows components in the left pane. Select accessories and utilites, then click the details button. Select accessories, then click the details button. Now scroll down to paint and put a checkmark in the box. Click ok and it will ask for the windows CD to reinstall from.
  5. oh right, I totally forgot you can do that, I last used that feature back in '98 :D
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