Biostar sent a BIOS chips with BIOS for different mobo

Hello all,

Recently I had to buy a replacement BIOS chip from Biostar after a failed BIOS upgrade. When I received the replacement BIOS chip, I found out they flashed it to the TA790GXE's BIOS and not the TA790GX, which I have. Now the BIOS on there does allow for the computer to function, but I was wondering if I would be able to flash the chip with the BIOS from the TA790GX as I believe the current BIOS is incorrectly reporting temperatures. Before the failed BIOS upgrade, my CPU was idling at 35 C and now Speedfan reports that it idles just below 50 C or so. I made no changes to the hardware placement and only replaced the BIOS chip itself. So would it be safe?

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  1. I don't see why not. Just to be sure though, are you able to flash the BIOS chip back to its current firmware? That way, if something goes wrong you can still recover.
  2. The only way I would have to flash it back it through the built in flasher on the motherboard. On the failed upgrade that I mentioned, it didn't allow me to POST, so I was unable to get to the flasher. But that was my mistake; I flashed with the TA790GX AM2+'s BIOS by accident. Lesson was learned.
  3. I just gave it a shot in the built-in BIOS flasher and the Windows utility. I get this message:

    "BIOS ID does not match, Press anykey to continue!"

    Any tips?

    So far, I'm looking into using AMI's DOS flasher.

    The AMI flasher worked! I used the Windows GUI version. Problem solved.
  4. Anyone having idea about BIOS chip of BIOSTAR GeForce 6100-M9 Motherboard . Please mail me "". Also suggest where ti buy in India.
  5. Would a CPU not going to POST be caused by a bad BIOS Chip and if this is correct like I think it is...will Biostar replace it due to me upgrading my BIOS? :bounce:
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