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So I just got done putting together my new build. As my title says, the system will not start. No fans, no chimes, nothing. HOWEVER, the green light in the mobo (ASUS P5Q Pro) comes on showing that it is getting power. And, after some 'hot wiring' of my PSU (Rosewill 600W), I know thats not where the problem is because the fan/lights come on (this is when it is NOT attached to the rest of the build). I have this hunch it might with the case (antec 900). Has anyone had any similar problems with the same configuration? I just feel like I am missing something but I have checked/rechecked/rebuilt all connections. I have replaced the PSU once already (because I thought that was where the problem was). Thanks in advance to anyone thaAnt might know something.

Mobo: Asus P5Q Pro
Chip: Intel e8500
Case: Antec 900
PSU: Rosewill 600W
G.Card: EVGA GeForce 9500 GT 512MB
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  1. Make sure all the power cables are plugged into the motherboard.Check that all the components are properly installed.Check that the motheboard isn't shorting out against the case somewhere.
  2. I have checked the power cables a couple times however the only real power cords coming from the PSU are the 24 pin and the 8 pin for the cpu. Besides a few Molex connectors for the fans/dvd drive and one for the HD, nothing else is coming from the PSU. As far as start up buttons, I have that plugged in according to the mobo instruction book. Now, as far as the possible shorting of the mobo against the case, how can see/test that? And does it mean anything that I am getting a green light from the Mobo when I turn on the PSU? Would it still come on if there was a short somewhere?
  3. First thing: Rosewill's are just one step above the $15 or $20 dollar power supplies that people buy - a polite way of saying "One step above junk".

    Second: The green LED on the motherboard means very little. The PSU's have two independent sections. You have a large main section providing the operating voltages: 12, 5, and 3.3 volts. You have a small (about 10 watts or so) independent section that is always on called the Standby Power Supply. That's what powers the LED. The rest of the PSU can be dead, dead, dead and it can still be on.

    Third: the "hot wiring" (paper clip?) also doesn't mean much. That just tells you that the 12 volt output will support a minimal load - the PSU fan. It doesn't check the 3.3 or 5 volt outputs, and it doesn't check the 12 volt output under any kind of load. It also does not check a control signal from the PSU called something like "PowerOK" that the motherboard needs to boot.

    New build checklist:

    You said you replaced the PSU with another one. What size and brand was the replacement? Replacing one cheap PSU with another probably will not help.

    Possible shorting of the motherboard to the case: You check that by removing the motherboard from the case and assembling the system outside the case on an insulated surface.
    More on that and some basic troubleshooting ideas in this thread (scroll down towards the end):

    Antec case is probably not the problem. In case you suspect the case power switch, swap the case power and reset switches to check. A note about the Antec 900 case - it does not contain a small system speaker or beeper for you to hear the BIOS "beep" codes. If you have a dead build, you really need one for troubleshooting. I use a speaker salvaged from an old case in my 900.
  4. +1 on verifying the case's switch wires. Double check the pin-out diagrams in your motherboard manual to make sure you have pwr switch, pwr led, hdd led, reset sw...ets all hooked up properly. If you have another case, try just connecting the power switch from that one.
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