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I have a Dell 8400 with a 3.2 Ghz pentium 4 CPU and 1gb of RAM, seeing as my current card is an ATI X300 and I was averaging about 20 FPS on Call of Duty 4 it was time for an upgrade. I've been looking mostly at the ATI HD 4670 and N-vida 9600 GT but recently It caught my attention that I could get at ATI 4830 for about the same price but I was unsure if my standard Dell 350 Watt PSU had enough power to run it. My two questions are can I run the 4830 and which card should I go with?
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  1. Your dell 350 watt is a good quality psu it should run the HD4830 if you don't have multiple hdd, but for the rest of the system I would recommend the HD4670 as your best option.
  2. Thanks, I don't have multiple hard drives but just to be on the safe side I think I'll stick to the 4670
  3. Can any one suggest a specific brand or model for a 4670, I would prefer a dual slot cooler that vents directly outside the case because my case has very poor airflow but this isn't really necessary, should I go with 512mb or 1GB
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