Dead For Sure?

So I'm pretty sure these three spare hard drive I had laying around and completely dead. I just had a few questions. BIOS does detect them all oddly enough...

Wester Digital Caviar SE16 400GB
This one I think is the worst. it hangs up on Windows Loading if I have th drive plugged in, it takes about 45-50 minutes for Windows to load. After I do get into Windows Disk Manager cannot "find" it. Neither can Seagates Tools or Western Digitals Tools.

SpinRite and HDD Regenerator also will not "find" the drive.

If I run SpinRite or HDDR on bootable media this drive is found, but SpinRite just hangs at 0 percent, and HDDR finds an error that says "Disk is not ready please restart".

The other two are both Maxtors that are so old it doesn't matter (I hate IDE drives), they are detected by Windows and SpinRite and HDDR when I use them in Windows but they end up hanging and freezing as well.

I'm sure its safe to say they are dead but I wanted to make sure, if they are dead there is pretty much nothing to do with them right?
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    It sounds to me as if they are dead drives and not just resting. Some drives have surprisingly long warranties three or even five years in some cases, see if you can return the 400 Gig drive under warranty. .
    Rather than throwing the drives in the bin, try dismantling them they have extremely powerful magnets in them that are fun to play with,
  2. Ha, yeah I might just do that, maybe I use the platters as some sort of decoration, I like the look of them anyway. The warrenty on the Caviar is gone I think, even the Caviar blacks only have 5 year warrenty and I got the SE16 in 2004 and I think, but I can check. I think I'll stop wasting time trying to get these back up and running.
  3. +1. i opened mine and did what i wanted to with all my hear desires :p. opening them is realllly hard. but the platter is damn sexy.
  4. Haha yeah, I got a Torx set just a month ago with 6 and 8 sized drives so I guess I finally have a use for it. Lol.
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