Computer won't start NOTHING AT ALL ground problem?


here's the problem,

My computer won't start....I mean nothing at all.....

First here's what I have

Case: NZXT Nemesis Elite Edition
Mother Board: P5N32-E Sli Plus
Graphic Card: 2x Asus EN7600GT
RAM: Single Bar of 2GB DDR2
Power Supply: Speed 600 ATX 600Watts
Processor: Pentium IV Dual Core
OS: Windows Vista
Hard Drive: 2X Sata 200GB

Last years my power supply died (i Mean like KABOUUUUM!) (it was a 400 watts) I've changed everything at the exception of the case and the hard drives.

I got an other power supply (500 watts). It worked for about 1 month. The place where i had purchased it give me a 600 watts (the one i have now) for free in exchange of the broken one.

It worked for 2 months then the computed shutted down and never booted again. frustrated I've just put it in my stockroom since i also have a laptop.

But today i've tried to bring it back to life once again. I tried to boot it but same problem.

here's what happen when i try:

1) I put the main switch on: Green light on the board light Up
2) I press the power button: I hear a very low : "Tzssssss" half a second but that's it. No fan start, no hard drive powering sounds, no LED on the fan light up too.
3)I even tried to remore the BIOS battery between each test in case it keep in memory that it can't boot for some reason.....

To hear the "tzssss" again I have to shut down the main switch, turn it on again and then press the Power button.

I've make different test like:
-Put the Ram in different slot (tested all 4 slots)
-Removing one Graphic card, then Both
-disconected some fans

I got the excact same result Each time

I'm thinking of a ground problem on the casing since it's an alluminium one with A LOT of wires. So i'm also thinking that if i change the case the problem will be solved. But i fear to spend money again for nothing....i don't want to pay just to get a month or two of computing before an other bug.

PS: i want to know something: If i see a green light can I assume Power Supply is OK? In the same thinking way can I assume my motherboard is OK?
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  1. Nope and nope. The green light just means the southbridge has power, that doesn't mean anything. I'd try jumping your PSU first, here are some instructions for how to do that. Check that, if the PSU starts up, that's something. If it doesn't, report back and we can help you some more.
  2. Wellll at least you are thinking but,,if you were right then no body would be able to test their mobo outside of the case.The grounding is thru the wires,specifically all the black wires...
    If I were in your place I qiuckly consider getting a better name brand psu like OCZ,ENERMAX,ANTEC,CORSAIR,,,for me the ONE and ONLY part of any computer where one should not be cheap is the psu,other things maybe but not the psu..
    There can be no doubt as to the reliability of the psu,because the psu has the potential to snafu the whole system,,no other single component can do as much possible damage.. :?)
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