RAM 800Mhz running at 333 why?----from ur poor fellow

Q#1 my 1gb kingston ddr2 single stick 800mhz is running at 333 mhz. my board is ASUS P5SD2-VM WHICH AT LEAST SUPPORT 667MHZ. while it is running fine 8000mhz on my friends board INTEL DG3PR1 as shown on CPUZ and board utility is it mismatching my board????? Q#2 and IS THERE BIG DIFFERENCE B/W 667MHZ AND 800 MHZ PERFORMANCE then i will change my board P5SD2-VM @RAM 667mhz support(SIS shipset) to P5KPL-VM @RAM1066mhz supported (INTEL chipset). PLZZZZZZZZZZZ TELL ME I WANT TO PLAY GAMESSSSSS this is my new board i just bought. other specs of concern are 2.66P4 cpu Gfx7200GS Q#3 will changing board do any better or my ram mhz is not a problem. i know my Gfx card is loW and ill change it soon. Will Intel chipset be very much better than that sis chipset of mine? is my current board poor performance board or its fine as compared to the board i listed above?? :heink: :heink: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    Theres zero difference, and the motherboard is actually running it in ratio to what the CPU can handle or needs etc
  2. thank u veeeeeeeeeeeeery muuuuuuuuuuuuuch i love u
  3. First of all, your motherboard uses DUAL RAM. Your 800MHz is actually created by two sticks running at 400MHz. So you need a second stick.

    If your board only supports up to 667MHz then your 333MHz timing is correct. Get the second stick and you'll see your correct speed.
  4. Just an advice: These trailing words don't look good.

    If you are thinking to change the mobo then i would not suggest u to do so.
    You will be wasting money.

    For a performance boost I will advice you build a whole new system.
  5. Very simplified:

    DDR-800 runs in 400mhz.
    DDR-667 runs in 333 mhz.

    The difference is neglectible. I think that photonboy is talking of dual channelling, which has little to do with the bus clock.
  6. Cobots onto it.

    If your reading from your bios, you need to times whatever ram speed your getting by two, so 333x2=666mhz. Your ram is running at your motherboards limits. You just misinterpreted what it was telling you.
  7. but i am wondring that my asus p5sd2-vm board is sis chipset with 667ram mhz
    i am just grown concern that people say intel chipset is best. well from my experience i never liked intel except ther p3 board D815. which is still relatively expensive in resale market.
    i just bought that board resently where there was another board asus p5gc-mx with intel chipset with 800ram mhz. i dont think 667 and 800 is a noticeable performance d/f to wast extra money.

    i am asking .... is my current sis chipset really will be slow compared to that intel chipset one? i am not goint to use on-board vga neither i am concerned abt no of usb ports or audio. i concern just hdd access ram and 3d (like geforce card) performane on my board (as per sis and intel chipset on asus d/f) i hope ull try to understand what i mean
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