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I'm looking to buy a new computer which has a nvidia gt120 with 1gb of memory dedicated to graphics, which from what I have researched is the re-branded 9500gt... I have a graphic card in my old computer that has hardly been used and is about 2 years old... It is an ATI Radeon 1950x pro 256 mb of memory... Is this better than the gt120?
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  1. You can check the benchmark of 9500GT VS 1950X Pro to be sure but I think that it is better if you go with a newer mainstream/high-end card rather than going with a new low-end card which will not give you a lot of performance boost.
  2. really wont see much of a performance boast from a x1950 to a 9500 gt if anything you will lose performance!
  3. yes its better, but its still not a gaming card. 9500gt is a low end card. (GT120)
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