How can I revive a dead motherboard?

While my uncle and I were trying to change the case on my computer, we discovered that my computer's motherboard died somewhere in the process. We tried everything from removing and replacing the CMOS battery to hooking it back up to its old power supply. None of these options would allow the computer to turn on. To clarify, the computer would not turn on or show any signs of power whatsoever. We tested the power supplies, and they weren't the cause of the problem. My uncle gave me a new motherboard and processor, which solved the problem, but I'd like to see if I can make the old one work. Are there any ways I can revive this dead motherboard?

As a note, the old motherboard was a micro-ATX board that was originally in an Acer X1200.
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  1. 1. ACERs suck so that mobo is dead and six feet under

    2. You can revive a dead mobo if you can revive a dead person
  2. The first one's pretty common knowledge. Actually, I've sworn off buying retail computers. I just figured I'd ask to see if I had any options, but at least I know.
  3. Yep, once its dead... its dead.....just make a hole in your backyard, say your farewells and bury......
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