SATA3 vs SAS vs SSD?

i am about to build a new system and and am trying to find the fastest/$ storage solution for my OS and programs... storage space need only satisfy these requirements because i already have 2 tb for storage... current os/app usage is around 70 gb so 120 gb should be sufficient to allow room for growth...

i will be going with the i7 920
6gb 2ghz mem
asus rampage series
not sure which yet because i need to find the one with proper hd IOs

between hds i've been looking at 15k sas, sata3 10k, and ssd
i've heard a lot of good things about the x25 ssd being reliable, are there any cheaper ssd's that offer the same?

any help is much appreciated
thank you,
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    If you haven't bought your i7 920 look at Micro Center for the i7 930 at $199.99. Micro Center prices them cheap in hopes you will buy your entire system there.

    What are you using your system for?

    SSDs are coming down in price at a rapid pace due to new improvements pushing out the old tech into the bargain bins. TRIM being the most important factor in reliability in regards to performance.

    SATA 3 10K drives are just a gimmick as they have yet to hit the limits of SATA 2 speeds. SAS 15k drives are fast but again SSD still is king.
  2. system is for heavy downloading, multiple heavy apps, FPS games, basically do it all for a long time... current system is just a lowly p4 3ghz 2gb ram 1.3 tb, sli 1gb ddr3 nvidia, creative fatal1ty FPS 7.1, and a 27in screen... this was the best 5 years ago... usually i upgrade to the best i can afford every 5 years i it does everything i need it to for that long... i still play crysis on this comp lol

    and how important is the cache size
  3. You can get away with a Sata II or Sata III drive easily with that system. It will still run everything perfectly, and if you need speed just setup a raid array(can't remember which one improves performance, I think 0)

    It'll be cheaper than a SAS or SSD and it will have more storage.

    EDIT: Cache size is semi-important, although all will have sufficient for whats required of them
  4. well i'm not doing the hdd upgrade till i do the rest, i7, mobo, ram
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  6. SSD hardisk FTW. I have 40GB SAS 15k rpm and intel ssd, beats it in all tests, less watts, no noise, SAS and SATA I,II and III sucks. U give thanks to god for every penny u spend in SSD DRIVE.
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