Gigabyte GA-81RXP motherboard and Windows 7

Hello All

Does anyone know if the GA-81RXP motherboard is supported by Windows 7 ???
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  1. Eeek! Pretty impossible to know - that's about a seven or eight year old MOBO, & I can't locate hardware specs anywhere... If you have the manual. and can scan, scan a copy of the 'block diagram' page, post it, and I'll go to work on it; otherwise, just use a cheap little drive, and try it - I've found seven to be really good at finding and handling hardware!
  2. Thanks for the reply bilbat...

    The MB is old and runs a P4 2.8 system that is really reliable and remarkably fast..

    I have tried an early windows 7 but it didnt want to know....

    I think I will just try the lastest version and see what happens...

    Many thanks anyway..
  3. does anyone know if this MB can take more that 2 GB of RAM? Would like to get a little more out of the board.
  4. The only manual I can lay my hands on that's even close is for an 8i-SXT (same socketing, I believe) and it says 'limited to 2Gig'...
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