Need advice about RAM Upgrade on ASUS P6T MB

Hi Experts,

I got my new desktop (i7 with ASUS MB) few days ago with 6 gig DDR3 RAM 1600 (A-Data RAM G series) installed. Now I need to upgrade RAM to 12 gigs but I could not find same manufacturer RAM. I will appreciate if someone could advise with some recommendation (with model and make number). The current RAM is using 3 slots on the MB.
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  1. Holy crap - the HARD DRIVE in my first computer was 12GB! At work, I've got a couple of virtualization host servers with 12GB of RAM that are each running multiple Windows servers as guests.

    It boggles the mind to see desktops running 12 gigs of RAM. Man, what do people do with THAT much memory? Just curious.
  2. Hi Clones123

    I need memory upgrade for virtual servers running in the lab. I have window vista on my desktop which needs RAM resources and I need to run at least 5 virtual servers.
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